Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It occurred to me as I wrote down my numbers for today's ride that I just completed a run of 30 rides in 30 consecutive days. I don't think I've ever done that before! No wonder I'm feeling a lot more fit lately.

I didn't make it a goal in advance, it just happened to work out that way, but a few blogging bike girls have made a 30/30 goal. Kate, Trio and Jumbly, are trying to do 30 one hour or longer rides in the 30 days of November. I thought I'd play along as best I can. If the weather gets too sloppy, it's not safe for me to go out on my routes. There is some rain already in the forecast, but we'll see what happens. Checking my old records shows that I rode 19 days in November 2007 and 25 days in November 2006. Even if I don't bag another 30/30, I'll have the satisfaction of knowing I pushed myself to ride as many days as I could!

I'll keep you updated with the weekly mileage posts and probably have a chart of days and miles for you at the end of November. You know I love an excuse to post a chart!

Now, I'm quite certain I'm going to stay up way too late watching election results! Hopefully I won't be too tired for tomorrow's ride with a friend. Just so you know, I made sure to get out and vote before my ride today!


kate said...

congratulations!! wow, there are some pretty big rides as well. does that mean that you're on for a 60/60!?!
....glad to know you've voted, i'll be getting up early to watch coverage too

trio said...

You really got the miles in over the last 30days!!! I don't think my 30in30 will lead to anything like that mileage!