Saturday, November 15, 2008

Half Way!

Jeff and I did our ride as soon as it was light enough this morning around 7, hoping to avoid the heaviest rain, but it was already steady and soaking. If I keep riding in this sort of stuff, I'll definitely need to think about buying lights and rain gear!

I am half way through the November 30/30 challenge with 15 days of riding and a total of 502.71 miles. Only 15 more days to go...or 19 if I want to try for 60/60...! The weather will almost certainly be more and more of a problem. I do have a trainer to use indoors if it comes to that! For this week I rode 7 days and 234.83 miles.


jumbly said...

Your mileage is seriously impressive! A 60/60 would be quite some achievement.

kate said...

go on, 60/60!!!
that is some serious millage you're clocking up

Dorothy W. said...

Very impressive!

trio said...

Wow that mileage is amazing! Maybe I should set myself a challenge to keep up with your mileage!