Saturday, November 1, 2008

Recent Stats

It's time for some totals for the week as well as the month of October! I wish I could ride like this all the time, but I tend to fluctuate depending on things going on in my life and varying degrees of motivation. But it's good to know I can do this when I set my mind to it and I love how strong I feel when I am riding just about every day!

For the week, I rode 7 days and logged 196.09 miles. The weather was pretty good, apart from maybe Tuesday, when I think I experienced my upper limit of wind tolerance along the beach. Any more gusty and I think I'd have fallen over! I had some white knuckle moments and could not hold a line!

For October, I had a personal best for most days and most miles biked in a month! I biked 30 days and 866.64 miles.

Today, I started November off right with a nice 40.66 miles with Jeff. The sun was shining in clear skies and the temps were in the mid 50's.

I'm not going to set any specific goals for November as I think that could jinx me and cause it to snow a lot or something! But, I will try to keep up the frequent rides even if they become shorter to avoid becoming very frozen.


jumbly said...

That's some good going for October! Well done!

trio said...

Wow you rode 30 days out of 31, that is impressive!

Devorah said...

Wow! Good luck with November. No pressure here. ;-)

Dorothy W. said...

Wow -- that's an awesome month! Impressive.