Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cold Enough For Ice

I keep forgetting that shiny pavement is ICE this time of year! Fortunately I haven't skidded!

I was so happy to have company today on the coldest ride so far this season. Lynn had emailed me last night to say she'd meet me. It makes such a difference to have company.

Yesterday, I did a solo ride and the temperature was a comparably balmy 37-40F with winds between 12-20 mph. It seemed like a hard ride!

Today, the temperature ranged from 29-33F (though the wind chill was 18-25) and the wind was 8-19 mph, but it seemed easier than yesterday. It must be the occasional chatting that helps, along with the chance for drafting.

Do I really look like this?! Ack! I'm hesitant to post this photo, but it explains why my two dogs are freaked out when I've got all my gear on! I was braced in the wind, taking a moment to collect myself for the bash into the wind the rest of the way home.

I am wearing a balaclava AND a skully! I have a heavy jersey, Barrier jacket and the yellow shell on top. It's a wonder I can move at all really. I had thermal fleece tights over shorts, wool socks and the Calientoes over my shoes. Oh, gloves too, of course. The trick is to get all that on and get out of the house before I start to overheat! Then, I need to ride enough to make all that process of getting dressed worth the effort! I was actually comfortably warm today.

My dog Silas, didn't want to pose for a pic with me even after I took the balaclava off. He was still looking all around in case that was someone else, I guess!

Saffy wasn't nervous anymore, but apparently thought she had better things to do on the other side of the yard, then pose for a pic.

So, I still have 11 more days for the November 30 days of riding challenge and a few more to hit 60 days in all. The good news is that Jeff is taking the week of Thanksgiving off work and will be available to ride with me every day! I hope he's as excited about that as I am =)


Glenn_in_MA said...

Hello from snowy Syracuse. You're a machine Sarah! Forty miles with the temperature hovering around 30!!

Too funny your description of your cold weather gear. Before I left for Syracuse yesterday I managed to get in another 14 mile ride (what I call a "scheduling fluke" bonus ride)...and a cold one it was toward the end. Got me thinking that I should ask what you use for cold weather I know.

I don't have a cycling blog yet, but I'm seriously thinking of starting one...I need all the motivation I can get and keeping an online journal seems to dovetail nicely with my cycling goals going forward.

Keep up the good work...on the road and the blog

trio said...

They used to laugh at me at work when I got dressed like that to commute home. I think I need to find a temperature conversion table, not idea what 30 degrees F is in Celcius!

Keep it up you are doing so well!

kate said...

you are an inspiration-not the way you dress of course! keep up the good work :)

BettyBetty said...

Sounds like you need to invest in some toe warmers! I started using them last year and they are better than sliced bread.