Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Bike Clothes!

Well, black spandex items don't make an exciting photo, but here are some of the new bike things I bought on Saturday. What I have been using is looking a little threadbare, so it was time for some fresh gear!

I got new gloves to replace my ones with the holes in the shifter fingers. The balaclava is mainly to keep my neck warm when it gets really cold out since I really can't bear a draft down my collar! It's always good to have another pair of wool socks. I also got a new pair of shorts and a pair of fleece tights. I know the shorts seem kind of strange this time of year, but I have been wearing them under the tights when it's cold.

Jeff found a nice shell jacket to block the wind chill. It's a fall orange color, so probably not too visible this time of year, but it will be good for the rest of the year. I picked out some bike wash and a chain brush since it seems like it will be a little more effective than an old toothbrush considering all the rainy rides I'm doing lately.

I tried on a couple of other items that I think I'll have to add to my holiday wish list. I liked the Pearl Izumi Insula Tour Jacket in limestone and white. It was so cozy and comfortable that I think I'd end up wearing it all the time, not just on the bike!

And I will have to get the women's version of Jeff's yellow jacket that I've been wearing. It's called the Vagabond 2. For now, the big one isn't so bad because I can fit as many layers as needed under it for dealing with the cold.

I'm not committed to wearing only Pearl Izumi, it just seems to be what's readily available at the local shops. PI is working out very well for me, though I wouldn't mind finding some different brands too. I took a mail order gamble on the De Marchi jersey and it turned out to be my favorite!

Also on my wish list are booties and maybe the lobster gloves. It wouldn't hurt to have a couple more jerseys to reduce the constant need to do laundry and the Gavia Pro Jacket seems nice at least in the pictures.

Do you have any bike clothing that you 'can't live without'? Let me know if you think of something I should consider getting!


jumbly said...

I couldn't manage without my Gore Paclite jacket and I love my Ibex merino knicks. I've been thinking about some of those Lobster mitts too, not sure if they might be a bit too toasty though.

trio said...

Same as Jumbly I really rate my Gore Paclite jacket. Also silk gloves for really cold days! I got mine cheap at a big sports store over here. I have the gloves you bought and I love them!

Jacob said...

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Dorothy W. said...

The one thing I truly can't live without are my chemical toe warmers -- those things you put inside your shoe that radiate heat. Wonderful. Without those, there is no way I can keep my toes warm, and my God do they ever get cold! I wouldn't be able to ride all winter without them.

kate said...

oooh, christmas has come early! i really rate my waterproof (sealskin) gloves. you do need a thin liner pair underneath but you'll never have cold wet hands