Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time flies this time of year...

It's time for another weekly wrap up post!

The weather is definitely adding some hardship to the 30/30 challenge, with below normal temperatures and a lot of wind. It's felt more like January than November! Still, I rode 7 days and another record week for me of 265.16 miles.

A plumbing emergency this morning meant someone had to stay home to be here for the service guy. Jeff stayed home and sent me out on the bike to stick with the 30/30 challenge. Fortunately, he has a week of riding ahead of him during his Thanksgiving vacation. I just hope the weather doesn't get too bad! The forecast is showing possible rain/snow showers Tuesday through Thursday! (Remember the Weather Underground link is at the bottom of this page, if you want to see what I'm trying to ride in!)


jumbly said...

29F is minus 1.6C. I've never understood the Fahrenheit scale so I had to do the conversion to work just how cold it is over there. -1.6 and you still rode. Well done!

trio said...

Thanks jumbly I was about to google the conversion!

That is cold! We weren't that cold here, I think it was about 6 C, what is that in Fahrenheit? But the windchill was cold, I rarely had my face uncovered!

We have snow/sleet forcast as well but I think we'll just get rain as always.

Glad Jeff understands the importance of 30in30.

Oh and how many miles??? You make me feel like I hardly do any!

Michael said...

Your doing great to be out there in that weather. I the 40's here are like a heat wave compared to that. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going.

kate said...

that's seriously cold, now i understand the ninja look! keep it up only 7 days left