Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seaweed Slog

Jeff and I took the road bikes out today and ran into Lynn by chance and the 3 of us rode out Ocean Drive and back. A storm had blown through in the night and it was still windy and the sea was wild looking. There were a lot of wave watchers at Brenton Point.

The sea had tossed lots of small rocks and seaweed onto the road along one stretch and we opted to carry our bikes to keep them out of the salt and slimy seaweed.

Just one more shot of the sea as I carried my bike over my shoulder.

We did 41.84 miles today. I'm looking forward to meeting Lynn for a ride tomorrow. Having company really helps to motivate me!

(I know I'm a little silly for logging all my miles, but it is one way I keep motivated. I started keeping track on July 25, 2006 and today crossed 10,000 miles!)


Groover said...

10,000 Miles in just over two years is no mean feat. Well done. Now you can calculate how much you are allowed to spend on your bike. Miles per year divided by two = $$$ value of bike. :-)

Love the ocean pics. Which ocean is that?

trio said...

I don't understand how is loggin miles sad? Seems sensible to me, I love the look on peoples faces when you tell them how far you have gone!!!

That picture of you carrying bikes is crazy! I can't believe that is a road!

sarah said...

I actually rode the number of miles that I wanted to spend on a road bike on my mtn bike before I bought the new bike! Just wanted to make sure I was committed ;) My next 'treat' will be some new tires.
The ocean is the Atlantic, I'm on the North East Coast of the US in Rhode Island.

Some people have said my logging miles is kind of obsessive. I think I have to stop thinking that logging miles is silly and start thinking that those people are!!


trio said...

But how would you know when you get to a landmark if you didn't record them? I have the graph of my miles from this year on the wall at home. Fortunately I have a very understanding partner!

sarah said...

That's great to have an understanding partner! I'm lucky too, in fact, Jeff likes me to graph his miles for him.

trio said...

Ali said I was sad orginally, but smiled and let me get on with it. Now I have to put all her mileage in as well as she wants her own graphs - they a little different to mine though!

Glenn_in_MA said...

Logging your miles to help stay motivated is NOT's mandatory, IMHO. Well, at least for me it's mandatory! As for me, I got a 14 mile ride in yesterday on my fixie that finally put me over the top to attaining my modest 2008 goal of 1,500 miles. Oct and Nov have sure been a struggle though after peaking out at over 150 miles per week in early Sep...I'm sure Jeff can relate. Anyway, I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishment and the fact that I made it out riding on one of the weekend days...that is until I found your blog! Wow!!!! Your mileage and commitment to riding deep into the New England autumn is mighty impressive....and making me feel a little jealous and depressed (just a wee bit :-) ). But that's okay, as I sit here writing it's dawning on me that your blog can and will be another motivational tool for me. Keep up the good work!!

kate said...

congratulations on your 10,000 miles!
i love groover's spending calculation-now that's motivation to ride and log more ;)

sarah said...

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! After today's feedback, I've decided to not feel at all embarrassed about logging all my miles ;) If you have a blog, please post the link in a comment for me. Winter riding can be tough, but sometimes the hardest part is just getting out the door! A short ride is usually quite bearable, even good. Please keep me posted about your rides.

BettyBetty said...

hey sarah..found your blog via Groover...

zanne said...

that looks chilly! always love coming here to see your east coast rides!

logging miles not silly at all - think its a great way to keep track ... although i hear its better to log hours trained, not miles ridden - i still do both. i LOVE to see how many miles i have done!

riding partner is essential to motivation - agreed!

The Jackal said...

I agree about keeping track of mileage. I have been doing it for 8 years now and enojoy being able to look at the progress over the years as well as make new goals each year.

Nice work on getting to 10,000 too.

Groover said...

Sarah, thanks for answering the question. It looks like a very nice part of the world. I bit cold maybe ... For some reason I thought you were in the UK? Maybe because I found your blog via Trio and Kate?

What tyres are you getting/did you get? Oh, I love toys. :-)