Saturday, November 8, 2008

Consecutive Days Keep Adding Up

So far, so good. Despite rainy weather, I've not missed any days for the 30/30 November challenge! For the week, I did 7 days of riding and 227.22 miles.

I've been varying distance and intensity on my rides, so I don't burn out. I think I'm building a good base right now! I'm glad that I'm not feeling drained at the end of my rides lately and that I wake up really looking forward to my ride everyday. It's a nice place to be at the moment!

Jeff was able to join me on this morning's damp ride. The yellow leaves looked especially bright in contrast with the grayness.

We were surprised to see a lot of people walking and running around fields and found out it is the Race for Open Space, a fundraising 5K event and celebration of opening a new section of the Greenway. I am pleased about all the new trails, but am sad that bikes are not permitted on them!

The last picture is just a shot of Jeff finally riding out in front on the last stretch to home!

The forecast looks dryer for riding Sunday-Tuesday, but then there is some rain predicted again. At least it isn't snow! I recently added the weather link at the bottom of this page, so you can check to see what conditions I'm dealing with. I'll be riding with Jeff and two friends tomorrow and will keep trying to get out everyday!


jumbly said...

Well done, that's a good weekly total! Some nice colours on your ride.

trio said...

That is a fab weekly total! You'll be flying when it comes to next year with all this base training!