Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I still don't have any waterproof gear because I don't think of myself as a rainy day biker, but I keep finding myself out pedaling in rain! I think I will end up buying some gortex before the spring rainy season.

My road bike is like new after the shop tuneup, but the weather has only been reasonable for 2 rides on it since. X6 is still in the shop. Thankfully I have the mtn bike to take out in the wet. It's been out two days this week, pretty much all on pavement. The short shoreline access paths are usually fun diversions from the pavement, but today they were more like small streams and I felt too soaked and cold and skipped them.

Today's ride got me to 4,012.28 miles for the year.


kate said...

i'm wondering about rainy day kit as well. do you think waterproof tights are worth it? i'm thinking about cutting down some cheap waterproof trousers and making them into sort of 'over tights'?....mmm
excellent mileage by the way :)

Michael said...

Looks like your weather was a lot like mine today. My biggest problem is trying to see through wet glasses.

4,000 miles is a lot - I know, 'cause I went over that mark today too, like you thought I might.

Gene Nacey said...

Hey Sarah, even the most addicted cyclist may have to train a little indoors now and then. As a fellow addict (I feel like I'm in an AA meeting) I know how hard that is. In fact, that's why I started my company Global Ride to create something to ride to while I train indoors. I started it 18 months ago filming in Hawaii, and we just released our first series of DVDs this week. Check us out; I think you'll find it a little easier to "suffer" inside with these.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Over 4,000 miles...way to go!!
Why do get the feeling that mother nature is going to force us onto the trainers for awhile. :)

sarah said...

Kate, I like your idea of cutting down some cheap rain trousers as an experiment. My priority is to get a waterproof top, so my core isn't soaked to the skin. My legs have been ok wet as long as it isn't below about 40F and I'm not out too long, like 1.5 hours or so. The fleece tights are warm enough even when they are soaked. I think I would survive the wet legs longer if I didn't have water trickling down my neck and back! Let me know how your experiments go and I will let you know what I try, particularly in the spring when we get a lot of rain again.
Oh, if you find a way to keep your feet/shoes dry I want to know too!!