Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekly Stats

I had 2 days off this week, so 5 days of riding and 125.54 miles. I'm kinda sad to see the miles that low compared to the last couple of months, but it's actually good mileage in terms of what I can usually do in winter.

Given the road conditions, I still haven't had a ride on my tuned up road bike! I'm hoping I can ride it tomorrow. The X6 is getting worked on, like fixing the rear brake that has been unusable unless I want to hear an awful noise. I'm looking forward to finding out what's been causing that! It will get a new chain and general tightening up.

I really shouldn't have let either bike go so long without a tune up. I thought the benefit of having multiple bikes would be that one was always in good shape when the other needed work, but somehow I timed it so both bikes needed work at the same time. Oops! I will try not to let that happen again!

Jeff and I did a cold ride this morning around our short loop and found that most of the flooding had disappeared, drained away at low tide. It was nice to be able to get through on the usual roads, but along the beach we had to pick our way through places where the sand and rocks had washed over the road. There were some pretty scary patches of ice, but we made it over them. It's suppose to warm up, so I'm hoping the roads will dry up so I can test out the tuned up road bike. If not, I'll go out on the mtn bike until X6 is back home.


trio said...

Once your mileage goes up bikes always seem to need some love! Never mind, you now sound like you have reached the obssessed stage of biking, great weekly mileage in some trying conditions.

BettyBetty said...

A riding friend and I were commenting how we used to be fanatics about riding in cold weather during our first year or two on the bike - we would ride in anything and suffer like dogs - now we are complete babies about it - I don't know what happened but I think we read an article about cold weather riding when 2 hours is usually the max and whether more benefit is derived from specific indoor training than suffering through a cold outdoor ride where you are just turning the pedals over. The indoor training arguement made sense and I actually think of that article every time I try to decide the greater pain: outside in the cold or inside on that goddamn trainer

Glenn_in_MA said...

"outside in the cold vs. inside on the trainer" Having just purchased some new winter riding gear, the answer to me is a no brainer -- outside. Of course, riding fixed gear helps keep me warmer anyway. Plus, it's never as bad (cold) as you think it's going to be once you're riding.

kate said...

stop being so slack ;)

sarah said...

BettyBetty, I think you have a point there about trainer time being productive. I like the challenge of riding outside in the cold and it's fun to see what's going on around my routes. But when it's really cold, I'm pedaling any which way and just getting thru it some of the time. I hope to do some short trainer workouts to try some drills to increase my cadence, standing endurance, and maybe one legged too. 1/2 an hour at a time would probably be good and not make me too saddle sore. I tend to get very saddle sore on the trainer even though I like my saddle outside! Am I just sitting like a sack of potatoes indoors?!

knitseashore said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal, and also on the new gear. I'm very impressed with your dedication to ride in such freezing, flooding temperatures. I'll take the trainer every time. I probably won't be outdoors again until March. :)