Thursday, December 4, 2008

60 Consecutive Days Riding

At the risk of appearing somewhat like the cat in the picture, I'm going to post my stats for the past 60 days!

I know you kind blog readers have seen some of these numbers twice already, but I've got the whole set now. Sixty days and 1,964.20 miles. (I'm not too bothered about not hitting 2,000.)

My friend Lynn snapped a pic as I rode out to meet her today. It was so windy here and I'd just felt like I was going to be knocked over. I know I need a new jacket every time I see a pic of me in that big, old one of Jeff's! It is not flattering, especially when the wind is puffing it out!

I liked facing the challenge of riding everyday and trying rides in some weather I'd ordinarily avoid (like sleet!). I didn't get too fatigued or burnout and I've gotten a nice base that I hope to maintain through the cold weather and build on in the spring. I don't think I would have done nearly so many miles without the challenge and all the encouraging blog comments. Thank you very much for them! Getting to know some blogging bikers better has been one of the best parts!

The weather is actually looking good for tomorrow, so I will probably be out riding again. It's hard to stop daily riding once you get started! I may get a rest day on Saturday though as I will be going to watch other people pedal at the NBX G.P. of Cross / Verge New England Championship, but it will depend on if Jeff wants to fit in a ride and wants company.


jumbly said...

Hooray! Knew you'd do it. Well done! Now we just have to see how far you go before a day off? Enjoy that dinner out.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Woo hoo!!! Well done on the challenge and goals attained. I think you're right when you say it will be hard to STOP the daily might just take accumulating snow! I see we might have some on Sat night and Sunday (not that I want your daily rides to stop...your example has been truly inspirational).

As for myself, hope to get at least 2 fixie rides in over the next 3 days so I can try out some of the new gear. Will be shooting for 20 miles if the gear works out.

Enjoy your dinner out.

trio said...

Ride 36miles tomorrow and then you can finish!

I am so impressed! I'm not sure I'll ever get to the stage I can ride every day, partly because I am lazy!

Keep blogging and I want to see at least one snow ride ;)

madalyn said...

Good for you! I'm definitely impressed, too. I have no inclination to ride outdoors in winter. I'm perfectly content to take a few months inside on the trainer!

BettyBetty said...

Congrats! Although I think you are crazy! I wouldn't want to do anything for 60 days -- except that is the obvious stuff. Oy!

kate said...

whooop! excellent work! this will set you you nicely for the next challenge ;)
hope you enjoyed you celebration meal

Buttsy said...

Actually I should try and focus on some short term goals - not quite 60 days, eg: follow coaches programme and dont be scared to hurt yourslef and then reward yourself for the effort. WELL DONE on your 60 days, I am sure you feel elated that you stuck with it and didnt give up(You rode in sleet - now that would test me a lot)

sarah said...

Thanks everyone! I had a great dinner out last night! Today, I met up with Lynn and did a 41 mile ride, so Trio, I got to 2000 sort of ;)

trio said...

Yay 2000miles, that is fab in two months!

Dorothy W. said...

Congratulations! That's truly impressive. 60 days, especially in the fall/winter is NOT EASY, I'm sure.

Gene Nacey said...

I've read your blog a few times - very cool. I love that your a stat freak - especially if you keep track of HR and Power, you'll be able to use it later for performance improvements too. I just started my first blog ( as a result of a new website I've put up to encourage the combination of indoor and outdoor riding. Maybe some of what we are doing there may be of interest to you as well. Keep racking up the miles!

Colin R said...

I think I left this exact comment here last year :)

Hey, person who rode like, 2k miles this fall! You should do a race! A cyclocross race! They're fun, I promise!

Wait, I just remembered, I am promoting a cyclocross race this Saturday with a dedicated Cat 4/beginner women's field. That's right, no juniors and no dudes getting in the way. It's as good as chance to try a cross race as you will ever get!

-shameless promoter

sarah said...

Hi Colin,
I am very enthusiastic, but lack skills. I'm *still* falling trying to mount/dismount. I think I need a clinic first. My cross bike is so fun to ride and I want to be worthy of it ;)

Colin R said...

Too bad you didn't make it to NBX in time for the 3/4 women's race to see what the average skill level is. I think you're probably intimidated by only seeing the elite races...there are plenty of cat 4 women that use the "full stop/awkward dismount -> walk over the barriers -> stutter-hop remount" technique. Flopping around helplessly with your bike it part of the learning curve :)

Fear not the cross scene!

I am done now.

trio said...

Hey my first cross race I knew nothing about mounting and dismounting, it didn't matter that I was rubbish, I still can't get back on fast! Noone cares, that's one of the best things about cross!