Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bike TLC

My road bike went to the shop this week for some maintenance. I was expecting to leave it for a few days, but it was there for just 24 hours! That's some good service! My bike got a new chain and cassette and handlebar tape. It also got all the cables and the loose headset tightened and other little tuneups. I can't wait to go for a ride on it, I think it's going to feel like new! It certainly looks like new with that shiny cassette!

I seriously considered actually doing a 'cross race this weekend. I started going through the 'checklist' of what I'd need to do and went over my X6 thinking about taking the bottle cages off, etc. I've known my bike needs a tuneup because of some dodgy shifting, but it's a little more in need than I'd been thinking with brake pads almost down to metal in front and very stretched cables. So, it's not going to happen this weekend, but I am going to do it at some point! The bike shop owner talked with me about it too and really thought I should start in early fall with the training/clinic options. I am going to be serious about practising in '09, even if I have to tie pillows to my body for padding to reduce the bruising =) I really appreciate the encouragement, please don't give up on me, I do want to try it.

When I picked up my road bike last night, I made plans to drop off my X6 so it will be in good shape for the winter riding ahead.

I'd like to figure out how to do some of the maintenance stuff myself, but I don't even have a bike stand yet, so it's easier for me to take it to the mechanics. Besides, it's always fun to have an excuse to stop by the shop to see the new bikes and gear. I was able to get warm covers for my cx shoes last night (and Jeff's too)!

We are having a few soggy days this week. I got out Wednesday morning before the heaviest rain. There was just some light rain at times that didn't really soak through. The wind was something else, really gusty! Today is probably going to be a rest day. It looks like the weather will clear up during the day tomorrow!


kate said...

looking forward to hearing about some muddier adventures! i'm rubbish about bike maintenance too but always begrudge having to pay for it, therefore my bikes have many little idiosyncrasies ;)

Glenn_in_MA said...

hey...that 'cross race is in my neck of the woods. I recognize the name but forgot it was this weekend. Might have to shoot over there with my son to watch a few circuits.

Colin R said...

Ooh, the "I would race, but my bike needs work" excuse. If I had a nickel every time I'd heard that...

I still think a deep reach into the handbag of recklessness would be getting out there!

kate said...

handbag of recklessness :)