Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2

I had a good ride today. It was still very windy, but I didn't have to dodge any blowing debris! It occurred to me that yesterday was a trash pickup day in a lot of the areas I rode through, so that explains all the odds bits of plastic and things flying at me in the wind. At least I didn't have to share the road with a goat like BettyBetty mentioned in my comments yesterday! I do ride by a big white billy goat with a beard and he seems to like to watch me climb the hill past him, but luckily he's always in his little pen or on a leash. I rode with Lynn today and her company always makes the miles fly by, even when we are going straight into the headwind out at Brenton Point! I did 41.04 miles.

2 more days!

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Buttsy said...

41 miles in the wind is a fantastic effort. You passed a goat.....now that must mean something in a feng shui way....keepingm motivated on the bike is hard sometimes.....I have been writing a blog for a while but have only recently discovered the "blog community" and since I can access blogs on my computer on work, unlike facebook and any other time wating technologyu, I have been reading a lot of them... and love the cycling ones written by girls who have goals and incentives that get them on the bike day after day after day.