Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stats for Week

Jeff and I went for a ride this morning, so I'm up to 62 days in a row now, but the streak will be ending soon, maybe tomorrow. Seven days of riding and 231.73 miles for the week.

In awhile, I'm off to watch some elite men and women race 'cross! More Cowbell!


trio said...

I think someone has forgotten how to stop riding!

jumbly said...

Haha, I knew you'd keep going. Maybe take Christmas off? Impressive mileage though, well done.

kate said...

must. stop. riding.
keep going, it would be foolish to stop now ;)

Michael said...

When I look out and think it's too cold or windy to ride, I think about what you've been doing and think I don't really have an excuse not to.

Great accomplishment, and amazing mileage.

Are you gonna race?

sarah said...

I'd like to try a time trial next summer, just on my road bike. I am thinking about trying a training crit too. I try to think of that as just a fast group ride. It does scare me! The way I see it is I love to go ride my bike as often as I can for fun and fitness and I am worried that I am more likely to crash and get hurt in a race and then have an injury/time off the bike. I would just hate to not be able to ride. I guess I am a worrier and should stop the worrying and go try some new things!!