Friday, December 12, 2008


We had wind and a ton of rain overnight and part of today. When I ventured out on my bike this afternoon, there was flooding everywhere from small streams and ditches. When I got down to the beaches, I saw that the marsh had filled up with water and the roads were flooded and closed!

Hanging Rocks Road is supposed to be in the center of this picture. You can just see some of the guardrail sticking up here and there. The water was mid-thigh depth and I know this because there was a guy walking through the cold water when I got there. He'd been out running and apparently didn't have time to backtrack the way he had come so he'd taken his shoes and socks off and gone through!!

You can see what the road is supposed to look like in this older pic I posted last spring. It's taken closer to those white signs in the flood pic, but I think you'll see the difference!

There was no way through to Sachuest Point today and the 2nd Beach parking lot was completely submerged in the right of this pic.

I backtracked and did a variation of my usual short loop for 21.16 miles.

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trio said...

You are definetly a cyclist now! Going out in all conditions. I love the look on peoples faces when they realise you have been out. I do point out there is something fun about it! The bath/shower afterwards is always nice.