Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last Complete Week of '08

Jeff and I both rode 3 days and 94.92 miles on the cx bikes.

It was clear, but windy for our xmas day ride. You can get some idea of the wind if you look at the surf blowing back off the waves in this pic.

On Friday's ride, we saw these tiny calves. They seemed as excited by snow free ground as we were!
We stopped to watch them chase each other back and forth in the pasture with their tails in the air like cats. I didn't manage to get a clear shot with both of them running, but here's the little tan one. We could hear their little hooves clattering over the frozen ground.

Sorry, no pics from today's ride, it was wet and I didn't bother to take the camera.

Maybe one of you can help me with a problem? I have had tight, sore calf muscles since my Thursday ride. I am actually OK while pedaling, but I can't walk comfortably. Stepping forward causes the calf to knot up even more. I haven't ever had such knotted calves before. Does anyone have any suggestions for making them better? I have been stretching them, mainly by standing on a step and dropping my heel off the edge. I'm not sure what caused it, but it seems like maybe the 5 days off the bike wasn't so good for me!


trio said...

Stretching is probably the best thing, also rub it get some moisturiser and just rub hard, helps.

Your rode on Christmas day, that is cool!

kate said...

did you stretch on your 5 days off? maybe your muscles thought they were having xmas off ;)
can't believe all that snow has gone

A Midnight Rider said...

NBW had a ride in East Providence today. Unfortunately, I had to take #1 son to the airport. Maybe next week.

Buttsy said...

Love the pics...I saw some baby ducks the other day on my walk with the dog and I wished I had the camera as it would have been cute to share