Monday, December 8, 2008

Snow and Sand*

(*Well, most of my ride was on pavement, but I did ride a stretch of snow covered grass and the sands of 2nd beach.)

This morning I was reading blogs and building up motivation to venture out into the cold. I find the blog Up In Alaska is often what sends me out the door with my bike. After seeing the weather she goes out in, really, what do I have to complain about?! Anyway, today I gained motivation from Jill writing the following:
And yet, for all the times I remember reluctantly gearing up and wheeling my bike out into the blah weather, I don't recall a single ride when I came home and thought "I wish that never happened."

I feel the same way. So, keeping that thought in my mind, I bundled up and headed out with my 'cross bike. I snapped a picture as I was having second thoughts in the driveway.

The temps during today's ride ranged from 18-23F with a windchill ranging from 8-15F, one of my coldest rides ever. My Nuun had a block of ice in it within the first 5 miles. My toes felt like ice cubes. I don't have covers for my cx shoes, so I was just in double wool socks. By 10 miles out, my feet were really uncomfortable and I was thinking the rest of the ride was going to be pretty difficult.

But then, coming down the hill at the end of 2nd Beach, I looked down the length of the long, wide beach at low tide and got an idea. Beach Ride Time! I'd never done it before, though I've thought about it for some time. Instantly I forgot about my cold feet and felt perfectly fine out there. I was pretty tentative getting out onto the beach as I really didn't want to fall over in front of people sitting in their cars in the parking lot. They already seemed to think I was pretty insane and falling down would have looked ridiculous. So, I dabbed and picked my way over the deeper softer sand and then got pedaling for real out on the flat, packed sands. Oh, it was sooo fun!!

These two pics were taken in the same spot, first looking one way and then the other.

Would you believe today was my first day on the beach this year?! Hot summer days didn't get me there, but give me a December day with single digit wind chill and I'm out there, apparently!

Here's the frozen water bottle shot. The camera lens was fogging up from suddenly being warm in the house.

I ended up doing 21.36 miles in all and after the first 10 miles managed to stay warm. I probably wouldn't have been cold at all with booties.


jumbly said...

I'm jealous, that sounds like such a fun ride. You'll need a Surly Pugsley or similar if you going to get into snow and sand riding. Big fat tyres for 2009?

Glenn_in_MA said...

She can't be stopped!!!
This morning I was thinking that I would most likely draw the line for no biking at 25 degrees. Now I'll have to reconsider...though my wife and kids think I'm crazy after yesterday's ride. :)
Don't have a favorite Nuun flavor...couldn't possibly as I've never heard of it. Seems worth a try. Thanks

trio said...

Sounds like the sort of ride I would love!

Groover said...

I love reading Jill's blog, too, and currently read her book "Ghost Trails". I highly recommend you read it as you will love it.

Buttsy said...

Cant believe you train in such cold conditions, we sometimes head out in winter mornings at zero or just below, but there is no snow or ice.....that is an awesome effort and you must feel good at the end of the rides, as you thaw out in the shower or in front of the heater, I know my showers are longer in winter as I have a "thaw time" allowance!