Monday, December 8, 2008

Early Christmas Presents!

When the weather isn't so great, I need to focus on some cleaning, maintenance and making sure I have gear I need. Yesterday afternoon I stopped by two bike shops!

I've mentioned my tires a few times lately...can you tell how worn they are in the pic? You may need to see them in person for the full effect. Take my word for it, they have squared off edges!

Visiting Bikeworks Sunday, I was able to get replacement Bontrager Race X-Lites. The water bottles I've used for over a year just went completely plasticky almost overnight, so I got a stash to replace those and was pleased to find Cannondale ones to match my bikes! I am going to try the Tri Berry Nuun. Do you have a favorite Nuun flavor? Also in the picture are some new cleats. I've been a little afraid of pulling out of the pedal with my old worn ones lately. I ordered some replacement handlebar tape which should be available soon. (They didn't have any Cannondale kinds in stock.)

We also went to Providence Bicycle to pick up the PI AmFib tights that were on hold for Jeff. He's going to love those! Of course, I started looking around and noticed this top. I don't normally wear such bright colors, but do on the bike for visibility. It's the PI Symphony Reversible Jersey.

Doesn't everyone love a reflective 'tramp stamp'? =)

This is one of my favorite items now, the shaping is great and it's so comfy! I'll be tempted to wear this one off the bike too.

I made do with a bare minimum of bike clothing for a couple of years and only the tights for winter cycling specific gear, so now that I've stuck with the biking for awhile it's fun to treat myself to some clothes. I do find it helps. I don't have to think about what to wear or worry about whether it will work. It is comfortable while riding and I can just get on with the pedaling, the way it should be.


trio said...

Nice, good miles deserve good clothes.

Do you fancy joining the century a month challenge? (See my blog) It's either one 100mile ride a month for the imperial challenge, or one 100km (approx 62miles) ride a month for the metric.

jumbly said...

I love that colour!

kate said...

lemon nuun is the only flavour for me. if you were to join the challenge you should have to do double century's ;